Ordinary Happiness

happiness2 When I was a young woman I never knew what ordinary happiness was.  I wasted many hours of my life — looking for something big, in the words of Tom Petty.  It was a long, long time before I realized that the most extraordinary things happen in the every-day ordinary moments of our lives.  (I was a slow learner.  It’s my karma.)

I found this wonderful graphic at Effervescence.  You can click on the graphic to bigify.

5 thoughts on “Ordinary Happiness

  1. I find happiness late at night, walking my big dog Chandler around the block. I look up at the stars and the moon while he sniffs his way along.

  2. We get much more than three minutes of happiness from Marley. When he does the mad Marley dash around the backyard, leaning so hard that he is almost perpendicular to the ground. Kate calls him a whirling dervish. Then there is needy Marley, the dog who is pretty sure that visitors are only there to stroke his head and back. He’s so shameless about it that you have to laugh!

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