Fun and Games at the OK Coral

I was in the kitchen yesterday morning, staring at the coffee maker, waiting for that first cuppa joe, when I heard “thump, thump, thump.”

Oops. Somebody fell down the (very narrow) stairs. But I heard him get up and shuffle towards the kitchen so no need for me to rush to help the poor soul. It was the Tall Boy. He said he was OK. Then he said he felt a bit odd and he sat down on the floor.

I once fell down the stairs and it made me lightheaded so I wasn’t particularly alarmed. But then his eyes looked at me but they didn’t see me and he slumped over, rather unconscious and very pale.

Before I go on I want to tell you that he’s fine. But at the time I could only imagine a head injury with dire consequences so I called “999” and they were here within two minutes. By the time they examined him he was looking and feeling better yet they insisted on taking him to the ER so one Tall Boy with a Movember mustache got taken out of the house on a stretcher and was on his way to the hospital.

Once there he was given a neurological exam and a CT scan. All was in order. It was explained that the shock of the fall lowered his blood pressure and — even mega cool Tall Boys can pass out on the kitchen floor from falling on their backside.

By the time we left the hospital everyone was in jolly spirits. AP even joked with the doctor about the possibility of adding a lie detector machine to all the other monitors that were being used for vital signs in the Teen Cubicle. The doctor will take it under consideration for the department business plan.

And we might have to design some slippers with crampons — or else rope ourselves up when climbing or descending our stairs.

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