The Storm after The Storm

Thanksgiving came and went.  I was in the kitchen peeling, slicing, dicing, parboiling, baking and steaming from about 10 AM until 4 PM with very few breaks.

At 6:30 pronto my guests arrived.  I was still in the kitchen coordinating the food and I could hear everyone greeting one another — I heard a champagne cork pop and lots of laughter.  Finally dinner was ready to be served and when the last plate hit the table, I sat down and unfolded my napkin and said hello to my guests.  Then I said, “OK…I just want everyone to know that I’m so tired I can’t see straight and so if anyone runs out of things to drink or they want seconds on any food, you’ve just got to say so or else go into the kitchen and help yourselves.”

What I love about my friends is that nobody even batted an eye.  They all just nodded in total agreement, and so I was able to totally relax and enjoy dinner with my friends and family, knowing that I didn’t have to be the hostess with the mostess.

Today is the local vintage and craft fair and and so it’s been full steam ahead for me with no rest from my Thanksgiving cook-a-thon. I spent all of yesterday sorting stock, polishing silver, and preparing displays.

I’m keeping calm and carrying on. But oh how I’m looking forward to watching TV while propped up in bed this evening.

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