To Sleep Perchance to Dream…

“Uggg.  I slept terribly.  I slept on the edge of the mattress all night long.”

“Ha!  Well.  I slept on the edge of the mattress all night long!  How could it be that both of us slept on the edge of the mattress?”



And before any of you tell us that we should never, ever allow a dog to sleep in bed with us I can only say, we tried. We tried really hard. We read all the books about dog training. We bought a crate.


Pickles did not like sitting IN the crate, even for a treat. ON the crate was ever so much better.

And if you think that a little doggie can’t bark all night long…and I DO mean All. Night. Long. Then you are mistaken. This is what happened when we put her in the crate at bedtime and resolved that she would learn to sleep in it. Because all the dog books say that dogs actually prefer to sleep in crates once they get used to it. Yeah. Right.

No. She barked a rhythmic and steady bark from 10 PM until 6 AM, at which time I broke. I broke and I went downstairs and opened up the crate door and she wagged her tail, wiggled her bottom and licked my hand and then got into bed with me as if to say, “See? Now isn’t this better?” She was so happy to see me and to get into the comfort of our bed.

So it was AP who noted that all this little dog asks of us is to feed her and allow her to be with us and that we would, henceforth, welcome her into our bed. However, she MUST sleep at the foot of the bed.

I don’t think I need to even tell you all the folly of this rule. I can’t count the number of mornings that I have awoken only to find Pickles sleeping between us with her head on the pillow, next to AP.  Like this morning, for instance.

Hey — it was cold last night and Pickles got a chill.  I’m happy to report that she is well-rested this morning.

4 thoughts on “To Sleep Perchance to Dream…

  1. I find that rolling over and huuging my dog tends to regulate her to the foot or edge of the bed. She does not like being hugged to sleep and will move every time. If she doesn’t I have the warmest, softest snuggle-buddy ever.

    1. Good Strategy! Pickles actually doesn’t like to be hugged either. Such a sweet little dog but she doesn’t like it when I hug or kiss her. She just likes being next to me.

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