Shadows and Light

Lately my old friend, anxiety, has come for a visit. I haven’t felt this tension in a long while and so it’s come as a surprise to me. I don’t exactly know why he felt invited to come to my house but it probably has something to do with my recent trip to the US.

Never-the-less. He is here along with his sidekicks, shame and guilt. They have breakfast with me in the mornings and dance around me throughout the day. They are all very exhausting. I recommend that you do not let them in to your house if you can help it.

So these days I have been less than energetic and my walks with Pickles have been very short and lackluster. Today I saw that Pickles was also very sad. She didn’t have her usual exuberant bounce and she seemed to continually stand before me with a long face. You know the one:

And then I felt even more guilt. So I grabbed my coat and put  her in the car and drove to Farnham Park for a good old romp around. The sun came out for us. The autumn light was there.

Pickles got to run in circles and do her usual meet and greet with other dogs and owners. I let her take her time and sniff every post and tree and leaf that her heart desired. I also took in the crisp, fall air and the way that the afternoon sun lay in the sky.

She’s laying beside me now, snoring with contentment. She is such a joyful little creature.

Children and animals…thank God for them.  They bring us right back to where we need to be.

5 thoughts on “Shadows and Light

  1. Bar the door to anxiety and its sidekicks, and continue to be the good friend that you are to animals and people alike. A good romp in the fresh air is great medicine. Glad to see you still have fall colors! Ours are glorious, too.

  2. You visited the U.S. at a very anxious time. ‘Will we get our country back? Will they kill grandma to save on medical care? Will I be legitimately raped?’ Wrap yourself in the comfort of your home, give Pickles a hug, and forget about things.

  3. Oh Rockyann, I those that cast of characters well and wish I could tell you how to run them out of the house. They will go eventually, but we will never know when or how it will occur. Getting outside and following Pickles’ example is a good start though. Cheers my dear.

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