About Face

“What in the hell happened to your face?!”

That’s what my friend, Sue, said to me last night at jewelry class.  Sue also happens to be an American which explains the directness of her question.  My British friends didn’t ask a thing when they saw me.  They just cocked their heads and looked askew.  Then they cast their eyes downwards.

“Oh…yes.  I had an allergic reaction to some new face cream.”

With that, my classmates put down their silversmithing tools and gathered around me and looked at my face carefully, all the while nodding and agreeing that something was terribly amiss and that I should probably see the doctor.  Sue thought I should take legal action.

You see, I tried out some newfangled, anti-aging super sun-screen facial moisturizer when I was home and my face turned into a red, chapped, swollen mess.  How strange it’s been to have my face transform so quickly.  I’ve aged about 8 years in roughly four days.

Never mind.

An antihistamine took away the swelling and I had a long talk with the manufacturer this morning.  I will be receiving a check for $14.32 very shortly for my trouble.

And for your viewing pleasure:

You didn’t think I would post a photo of my swollen face, did you?

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