Upon My Return…

“Alabama Arkansas
I do love my ma and pa
But not the way that I do love you…”

-“Home”, From Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Yes – I can’t get that song out of my head today.

Before leaving Flint, I had one last meal with my mom at the Starlite Diner

and this…

Also before leaving, I drove my mom to the polls to vote. My mother is extremely conservative and so I knew how her vote would be cast and yet, I was magnanimous. I smiled while opening the car door and everything.  We left the TV off and never argued about politics once.   We were both very well behaved.

I’ve been catching up on the election news since my return.  I had an ear-to-ear grin when I saw that all of rape apologists were voted out of office. Oh yeah.

I loved it that Elizabeth Warren was elected to the Senate. She was appointed by Obama to head up the Consumer Protection Agency but when she started doing a good job of holding the banks accountable, the White House wanted her out of that position and fast. They dangled the possibility of running for the Senate in front of her, never thinking that she would actually win the race. Ha, ha, ha.  She showed them.  She is a brilliant legal scholar and will be a strong advocate for the working people of America.

There have been a few TRUE liberals elected to that nest of vipers they call the United States Congress and I can’t wait to see if they might actually rattle some cages inside the beltway. We shall watch and wait…


6 thoughts on “Upon My Return…

  1. I was driving home when I heard the Romney concedes news on my radio. Oh,man! If I’d had a banner I’d have waved it. (Honking my horn might have caused a traffic pile-up, but I did clap my hands!)
    Now, will those nit-picking bastards in Congress please let Obama get on with the job!
    (And, yes, you and your mother both behaved admirably 🙂 )

  2. Thank you Dinah. It was very big of me to allow my mother to practice her democratic rights, wasn’t it? I’m just easing into life here in England…only a wee bit of jet lag.

  3. Why not take your mom to vote. You knew her state would go for Obama anyway, right? My state barely went for Obama. It took two days to count, and in the end he didn’t even need our dysfunctional bunch of voters.

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