Casual Blogging Thursday

Tonight, silver smithing class…

I will see if I can correct any of the mistakes I made during the week.

My cat loves me.  He REALLY loves me.  AP took this photo last night:

He had his arms around my neck but seemed to become shy when he saw the camera. It’s very hard to type with a 10 pound cat hanging around your neck.

And we just bought our third bag of Halloween candy.  Let’s see if this one remains sealed until Halloween.

One thought on “Casual Blogging Thursday

  1. I love cats, it’s too bad I’m allergic. Chandler met a four week old kitten yesterday. It was so cute. He gently nuzzled it, sniffed it’s behind, and gave it a lick on it’s back. The kitten kept rubbing against Chandler’s gigantic dog foot, and meowing. Mad Max, the kitten, was found by neighbor stuck between two buildings. My neighbor called the fire department to rescue it. They actually came and got it out. Anyway, he named it, so it’s his now.

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