October Preparations…

When the leaves turn and there’s that nip in the air I know it’s time to call the chimney sweep for our wood stove… and I know that Halloween is just around the corner.

Oh who am I kidding? Halloween isn’t as big a deal in the UK as it is in the US, however, we do get a few trick or treaters. Yet, I felt the need to buy a bag of candy two weeks ahead of time. It was eaten. This is the second bag of candy. It has been opened.

Last year I bought some candy in preparation and we only had a few tricksters so I waited awhile… and then I ate the most of the candy feeling certain that nobody else would show up. But then our neighbor came by with five little wee ones all dressed up as witches and ghosts. They were ADORABLE. And I only had two candy bars. I had to give the other three kids a stale Murray Mint each. I felt like crap afterwards.

Friends and neighbors – that won’t happen this year. I will keep bags of candy on hand so that no child has to have a Murray Mint for their Halloween treat.

4 thoughts on “October Preparations…

  1. Fun size my ass.
    “It’s just one small candy bar. What can it hurt.”
    Two bags later, and five extra pounds of lard hanging over my belt, it’s not so much fun.

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