Dance Me To The End Of Love

Rehearsals for Guys & Dolls continue and yet it had slipped my mind that I would be expected to dance as part of the performance. Things were going just fine when I only had to stand in one place and bark out a little song or two. But the dancing. Oh my. That’s a bit more challenging and it’s something I’m not used to at all.

And here’s the thing that EVERYONE says as they get older… that they just don’t realize they’re older. And so it was with me last night. When I was asked to merengue across the stage and then do a little shake and hip-thrust I couldn’t move so fast. My back went creak. I jiggled a little more than I should have during the Cuban dance. I was exhausted.  How did this happen?! Once again, middle age came as a total shock to me.


I have a good physiotherapist and a pair of Spanx.

5 thoughts on “Dance Me To The End Of Love

  1. Ha, I was just discussing Spanx for men with Mark last night. Not for him, that skinny bastard, but for me. I hope you have laid in a good supply of pain killers.

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