Casual Friday and More Light Blogging

Things I saw in the nature reserve while walking Pickles:

And also. Did you know that a bowl of Cheerios at 3:30 AM is an instant sedative? The cat and dog sat with me at that early hour of the morning while I crunched through a bowl and read about the VP debates on the internet. Then we all returned to the bedroom and resumed our positions…the dog at the foot of the bed and the cat around my neck. And I fell back to sleep.

After a very dreary, gray and rainy day yesterday, I was thrilled to see the sun make a showing today. It put a little zing in my step and so I was able to work in the shed and finish a piece of jewelry that I’ve been working on. Lately I’ve had to put a few things in the scrap bucket due to my inattention or overzealousness. But today I finished something that I was very proud of and so I feel that — perhaps — my whole life hasn’t been in vain.

I will probably feel differently tomorrow.

Happy Friday.


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