Prime Minister Gillard Beats Down the Opposition Leader

This was one of the most spectacular oratory take downs I’ve ever seen.  If you are sick of sexism and misogyny in and outside of the political arena, you will love this.  She was brilliant.


6 thoughts on “Prime Minister Gillard Beats Down the Opposition Leader

  1. Although parliamentary form of government is quite entertaining, I’m not sure just how effective it is. Remember when that congressman yelled liar during Obama’s address to the congress? People’s heads would explode if the jeered and called out like they do in England and Australia.

    1. Oh — there’s NO WAY the Americans could handle the debates that the Parliament has. No Way. Do you remember when the Senate made George Galloway come before them to answer questions about his relationship with some of the muslim groups over here in the UK? I laughed so hard when those little white school boys in the senate tried to go after that hot-headed Scot. He took them downtown. It was like watching prep school boys try to beat up the neighborhood bully and lose badly. They were left with their big mouths hanging open and they didn’t know what hit them.

  2. Welcome to my world…although I get so fed up that, beyond the evening news, I do not watch or listen to debates.
    Sadly, they all seem, these days, to be pandering to bad journalism.But Julia G. will not take any crap from that nasty little man across the floor.Neither would I.

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