Light Blogging

Here’s a funny sent to my from my friend, Carol.

At the moment, both my cat and dog are under vet care for various problems. The cat has the most pressing issues and so I have to make sure he gets a probiotic in his food, plus ear medicine each evening. And then ear cleaning.

The dog gets evening primrose oil on her food for itchy skin and blob of plaque reducer in her mouth afterwards. She is also supposed to get her teeth brushed but — I don’t care what those posters say in the vet’s office…it’s nearly impossible to brush a dog’s teeth. Pickles starts licking her lips about 10,000 times a minute when she sees me with her toothbrush.

Me? I’m easy. Bruth my teeth, wash my face and moisturize my dry skin. Then we’re all settled in for the night and the cat tries to wrap his paws around my neck while Pickles tries to lick my face cream off.

And if you haven’t guessed. AP is a very tolerant man.

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