Knee Capped

I didn’t fall off the ladder while painting yesterday.  But I DID fall down while walking the dog.

Ugly, innit?

I went down like a drunken cowgirl. And I stayed there. Because I was in agony. Pickles, off the lead because we were in a nature reserve, walked ahead of me and stopped when she saw that I wasn’t close behind her. She stood, frozen,  and stared at me. I’m sure she was asking herself, “why is the woman who feeds me laying in the middle of the pathway? She doesn’t usually lay down during walkies.”

And you know how — when you fall down — you hope that nobody sees you? Well, I was hoping that somebody would see me so that they could help me get up off the wet pavement. But no. So there I lay, clutching my knee and saying things that I can’t write here because Margie, my friend’s mom, reads my blog. I don’t want to disappoint or upset her.

I finished the walk on trembling legs and for the rest of the evening I rolled up my pant-leg no less than four times to show AP the progress of the bruising. He was appropriately sympathetic.

I am up and walking today, albeit slowly. And the kitchen is painted…finally.

10 thoughts on “Knee Capped

  1. Crickey Woman!!! I bet that hurt like crazy. Glad I looked at the photo before I ate dinner ;o). What colour is the kitchen?! Xx

  2. Oh Kim, the knee looks rough, but the way you told the tale was great. And thanks for watching out for my Mom. The Brits have probably taught you a whole new vocabulary in the vulgarity division.

      1. I’m always impressed with the inventive way in which Brits use our shared language. Makes our language use on this side of the pond dull in comparison. I’m just saying…

  3. Yow! Good thing you weren’t walking our dog. He would have been the reason you fell over, so he would have come back to give you a lick. Then he would have run off to pee on every tree and bush in sight, and several down the next block. Yes, I speak from experience. Hope your knee feels better soon!

  4. Yes, I do read your blog and that is one nasty photo! I can only imagine what you were saying….Hope your knee mends soon.

  5. Trappist monks couldn’t blame you for letting loose on that one…..and looks deserving of proper pampering!

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