On Friendship, In Gratitude

The gift of friendship ...
(photo from Mara)

Julie’s fundraiser is over tomorrow and I’m so very happy to report that the fundraising goal was met and exceeded.  I’ve thanked everyone who contributed but I can’t say it enough:  my friends and family absolutely rock.

Julie’s sister, Redrokit, had been writing to me about the physical toll that chemo was taking on Julie.  Added to this was a huge financial burden of medical bills which was stressing her to the limits.  So — the idea for a fundraiser was born.  But it’s scary to put yourself out there ask people for help and so there was some resistance to setting up the Indiegogo page.  Thank heavens, common sense ruled out and everyone held their breath.  Redrokit pushed the “publish” button on Indiegogo, and  I sent out an email to my friends, both in the U.K. and the U.S.   It said something like:  Hey you guys…a home girl needs your help.  Can you please donate?”

And without question — with no hesitation — my friends and family were all like, “hellsa yeah!”

This happened over and over again with Julie’s family and friends, and friends of family and friends.  A network of people, some who know her and some who never even met her, opened up their hearts.  They sent money and with that, loving kindness.  The financial burden was lifted and now Julie can concentrate on her health and family.

A long time ago,  I started reading Joseph Campbell in an attempt to transcend a period of depression.  He writes deeply about humanity and the human spirit.  One thing I remember very clearly from the transcript of “The Power of Myth” was that — not only are we our brother’s keeper.  We are our brother.

I thought of that quote a lot this week.  We must all resonant with that idea.  Why else would so many people…some of whom don’t even know this wonderful family, give so willingly?  We want to help because we are all interconnected and interdependent.  We recognize that on some level and that’s why, when one of us asks, we give.  Gladly.  It helps us all.

Thank you for your help.  I am so honoured.

6 thoughts on “On Friendship, In Gratitude

  1. Well said. I think it’s proof of the indomitable human spirit and inherent goodness that thankfully exists in so many people. Pay it forward and what goes around comes around have been central pillars of my life and even though I have never met Julie and Team Julie, I sincerely hope that the Beast is slayed and that we can all have a big party in the US and get to meet each other :o)

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