The Nerdist

We were the last car on the ferry…

Goodbye Portsmouth!

It was a gorgeous Saturday when we set out for the Isle of Wight.  As it was AP’s birthday weekend, he was allowed to choose the weekend activities.

First stop:  the Shipwreck Museum and the Lifeboat Museum where each display and every placard was read and studied carefully.  By AP.  Me?  I skimmed over the interesting bits and went outside to look at the ducks in the pond.

Sadly, we never made it to the Dinosaur Museum but that will be a stop for — some other time, of course.

Back at the hotel we listened to The Nerdist Podcast and ended up googling Star Trek Next Generation trivia. But you might be surprised to learn that this was my initiative. To steal a line from The Nerdist, AP helps me to find my inner nerd.

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