We had a visit today from Daniel the Spaniel. He’s six months old and the photo is blurry because Daniel just couldn’t be still for one second.

Pickles and Pumpkin were not on board with the visit from exuberant Daniel. They never sit this close together unless they are cold or afraid. Notice how Pumpkin has completely checked out. He does this when the world is just too much for him.

In other news. I watched a Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall program last night. He’s the River Cottage chef who raises his own livestock and then kills them and eats them. Last night they were just going on and on about broad beans. Broad beans. So — while in the supermarket I bought some and brought them home and they turned out to be a lot more work than one would think. Also, I dropped one on the floor and slipped on it and hurt my back. And also too, I just cooked them in butter and cream with a little pancetta and they were gorgeous. But guess what? You can cook almost anything in butter, cream and pancetta and it will be gorgeous.

And as my friend, Teresa, says…”There. You have just graduated from the Paula Dean School of Cooking.”

2 thoughts on “Misc.

  1. “Daniel the Spaniel” That made me actually laugh out loud, not just want to write LOL.
    Mark has had some pork belly in the refrigerator for five days. I don’t know what he’s waiting for.

  2. Sorry — I spit out my tea reading your description about how you hurt your back stepping on a bean. Not very sympathetic. You do appear quite injury prone? I saw that post detailing your knee post dog-walking incident. Awful!

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