Just Walk Away…

When I took Pickles in for her dental work, I asked the vet if I could stay with her until it was time for her to be sedated, “because Pickles has separation anxiety when I leave her, ” I told the vet. The nice doctor assured me that Pickles would be taken into surgery quite quickly and so it would be best if I just left her with them and picked her up this afternoon.

When we collected her, the vet told us that Pickles was “quite happy and well within herself” after I left. She didn’t seem stressed at all.

OK then. Maybe it’s me. I just hate leaving her at the vet.

She’s sleeping off the anesthesia and pain killers now and what’s left of her teeth are now clean.

3 thoughts on “Just Walk Away…

  1. You never know. One time I will leave Sasha at the groomers, and when I pick her up they say she was the best behaved little doggy. The next time they tell me, “Oh she was much better this time. We didn’t have to muzzle her.”
    If only our dogs could talk.

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