She Forgot to Add…

I’m a regular reader of the blog, Tongue in Cheek.   Today I zeroed in on this:

   It is okay, to claim not to be busy.

   It is okay to stay in bed. 

   It is okay to take a bath in the middle of the day.

   It is okay not to finish the race.

   It is okay to say no.

   It is okay to feel that which is uncomfortable.

   It is okay to change.

She forgot to add, “It’s OK to take regular naps.”

I don’t work full-time and so I can sneak off to my bed in the afternoon and for this I am lucky and grateful. But even when I worked all day, I found time to close my eyes and meditate during the day and on the weekends…fuggetaboutit. My friends knew not to call me on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. I freaking love my naps and I would like all HR managers to note that people perform better after a 20 minute kip.

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