Days of August

This chicken likes to sit in the dirt…

And these alpacas will drink your tea if you stand near them with a cuppa.

It’s smack in the middle of holiday season when everyone goes away to the beach or the mountains. We’re having a stay-cation this summer and so when it got too warm for our comfort on Saturday, we took the top off the car and drove down to Whitestone Farm to have a snoop around the antiques shop and to visit the family.

I am still working almost every morning in my shedio but have not been as productive lately because I’ve made myself work within a budget and that curtails many of my design ideas. I’m trying to make do with the supplies and materials that I already have. I’ve often thought of designing a necklace just from all the beads and bits of silver that I keep finding on my workshop floor. (I drop a lot of things and lose them, only to be discovered later.)

Finally, I’ve been playing around with the Color Splash App on my iphone. Excuse the shadows.

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