WAR… What is it Good For?

What do you do when it’s a blah, sort of rainy, sort of gray day and there’s nothing going on and you just feel bored? I’ll tell you what: You serve up some lemonade and you have a game of WAR. These are my card game partners. They live next door and when I ran into their mom this afternoon she had that wide-eyed, frantic look. The kids had cabin fever, she said. They’ve been arguing, she said. She had dark circles under her eyes and perhaps a tiny twitch in her right cheek.

“Welllll” said I. Come on over and let’s have a card game. She couldn’t believe her luck. She hugged me. Twice.

We played cards and it got serious. Tears were shed. But no lemonade was spilled and I sent them packin’ before things REALLY got out of hand.

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