I’m Still Waiting for My Treatment…

So, AP and I splashed out and booked a room at this spa hotel. We spent our time getting treatments, swimming, bubbling away in a hot tub and eating a most delicious meal in the hotel dining room. We were well taken care of indeed and we had a wonderful time.

And now we’re back and I keep waiting for my next spa treatment or for room service to bring me freshly pressed coffee in the morning and — oh it’s so hard to come back after a crackin’ good time.



One thought on “I’m Still Waiting for My Treatment…

  1. One of my friends went to a day spa a few years ago. She came back after a massage, facial, podiatry treatment — the works. Feeling incredibly calm and relaxed, she made herself a cup of tea and sat down on her front porch. Then she saw the lawn that needed mowing, the weeds that needed pulling, and started thinking about the dinner that needed to be made. Needless to say, the lady of leisure moment didn’t last:)

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