Dog Days of Summer

In England it means that temperatures have reached 82F and the sun is high in the sky.  Pickles likes to sleep on our leather sofa which is a little cooler to the touch than the carpet and softer than the tile floor in the bathroom.
The blackberries are starting to come out and I noticed a few green sloe berries on the bushes in the field.  If I pick them I can make Christmas gifts of blackberry brandy and sloe gin.   If I pick them.  Last year I made sloe gin but when I strained the berries from the gin, I held the strainer over the sink and poured all of the gin down the sink.   Oh yes I did that.  Now stop laughing.

See how sultry our farmer’s field is? The sun is high up in the sky, the cicadas are buzzing and the field is golden brown. And also too — my birthday is coming up and AP is taking me to Bath for a treat! More on this later.

2 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer

  1. So funny! I remember my mom doing that once while straining chicken soup! Need I tell you I’ve begun doing all the things like this that my mom once did.

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