I Love Lizzy Armistead

If you didn’t know…the Olympics are in London and things are buzzing around here.

I am an Olympic curmudgeon. Bah Humbug. While family members talk excitedly about the competition, you might hear me say that it’s nothing but a mega-corporate enterprise and the spirit of the Olympics is gone because those countries who are wealthy win most of the medals. It’s not exactly a level playing field and I’m not too sentimental about the Olympic games.

Having said that, I’ve been watching the games (of course) and yesterday I found myself jumping up and down while watching the women’s cycling road race. And yes… I teared up a little when I saw Marianne Voss (Netherlands) and Lizzy Armistead (GB) cross the finish line. Look at their faces! Can you imagine the joy and relief? What an endeavor and what a great race. ***sniff, sniff***

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