Summer Love

Well finally. Summer has visited us again.

I wake up very early as a rule, and so I use the morning hours to open up the shedio and work on pieces before the sun starts to beat down too hard and my shed turns into an oven. I’m loving the light these days. It’s such a gift after those weeks and weeks of rainy gray days, one right after the other.

The neighbor’s daughters have been playing outside for the past two days and I must say that I’ve had such a laugh listening to their imaginary play/fights/negotiations. I can also hear their mother giving them instructions and correcting any behavior that might be out of line…or making them sit on the naughty step. There’s a lot of laughter interspersed with loud wails and protestations. Then a calm before the next storm.

Over-hearing normal family life doesn’t bother me in the least. It’s comforting and enjoyable. And I just shake my head and smile when I hear “Why did you do that?! Did you apologize? Now you have to sit on the naughty step!” And then 3-2-1 WAHHHHHHHHH.

I turn up the music and pet my dog.

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