I Have a Thing For:

Salt Cellars.

Weird, right? I think it’s because, several years ago, while visiting France, I was invited to someone’s house for a meal. They had little salt cellars on the table and I had never seen or heard of such a thing before and for some reason it made an impression on me. Maybe it’s the little, tiny spoon or little silver pot. Perhaps it’s just the novelty of not using a salt shaker.

Since then I have bought salt cellars as gifts and have used them on my own table. My family thinks they’re naff and my friends are usually puzzled when I gift them such a thing.

I found the above at a flea market a few weeks ago and I think the lion heads and legs are adorable. I stood at the vendor’s stall and yammered on and on about it, much like I am doing right now in this post.

I also have a thing for reading glasses and ink pens.

And as John Boehner says, so be it.

3 thoughts on “I Have a Thing For:

  1. Snap! I once had the beginnings of a modest collection of cruets, but stopped when I moved house and realised that if I wanted to be “a gypsy” I needed to travel light.
    Also, having only a modest purse, hallmarked silver was beyond me! but I did find some sweet glass ones.Portobello Road was a great place, back then.Maybe it is still…

  2. I cleaned out my desk earlier this year and found something like a dozen pairs of reading glasses and 15 cases. Ye gads. I got rid of them all. But this adorable little salt cellar? Yes, I can see the appeal of that. Tiny spoons make me swoon a bit…

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