Sometimes You’re Too Old…

…to sit on the ground for 10 hours.

When I originally bought  tickets for the big concert (back in December), it was only advertised as “Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in Hyde Park.”  It noted that the concert started at 2 in the afternoon.

How utterly civilized.

I never looked at the venue again or adverts for that matter — until yesterday morning as we were packing up to go.  And to my horror there were four other bands listed and it stated that Springsteen would begin playing at 7 PM and stop at 10:15.

We had envisioned an afternoon concert in Hyde Park, sitting on little camping chairs and eating sandwiches while tapping our feet to “Born to Run”.  We would be out of the gate by 7  and home by 9.

But no.  This was a full-on rock event with four bands that we’d never heard of in addition to the main man.  Also, camping chairs were not allowed and they advised us to wear wellies because the ground was churned up with mud.

And then we were all like, “my back can’t take that…my knee is going to kill me…no fecking way am I sitting in Hyde Park all day and all night…”

And with that we put our sandwiches in the refrigerator and took a nap.  When we awoke from our rest we packed our bags and set off for London.  It was 4 PM.

We got to the park with thousands of other middle aged people who must have had the same idea and we found a patch of dry-ish lawn and there we lay down our tarp.  And WHAT a show.  We didn’t sit on the ground because we danced and sang and found energy from the crowd and the experience.  See?

2 thoughts on “Sometimes You’re Too Old…

  1. I have a rule about concerts. Assigned seating only! I did all that scrambling for a spot on the ground forty years ago. Give me a rocker, rocking chair that is.

  2. Yay! I am so glad you let Andy post this! I just did a little dance with you. So Woodstocky! Glad you made the effort to get there!

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