Casual Friday

I’m back in England with the rolling dark clouds and intermittent rain showers. Today I set off to walk the dog twice and was twice thwarted by the rain — which stopped as soon as I got back to the house.

It’s hard to come back after a carefree time away.

On the upside… we’re off to see this guy tomorrow:

I grew up with his music and the last time I saw him in concert I was in my late 20’s and I stood in line all night for tickets. It was 1988.

My God. I can’t believe I’m this old.

4 thoughts on “Casual Friday

    1. He’s Bruce Springsteen! He came of age in the 70’s and was discovered by the same person who promoted Bob Dylan. You should give him a listen sometime! His early work is very poetic.

  1. I saw him once. Mark won two tickets in a luxury box complete with liquor and food, and a private toilet. It just wasn’t the same as seeing a rock concert with the rabble.
    BTW, when is your ‘dry’ season?

  2. Thank you. I do know some of his songs, but have never seen a picture!(One of the books in my collection is based on Thunder Road lyrics.)

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