Thelma and…

I rented a car at the airport and to my surprise, they only had manual transmissions on rental. I haven’t driven a manual (stick shift in Amereicanese) in years and neither has my friend, Teresa but we tossed our handbags in the backseat and wrapped our scarves around our necks and declared that it would all come back to us- like riding a bike. And for the most part it did. However, this morning we had a little kerfluffle when I tried to reverse out of the drive and nearly drove straight into the house.

So. When we took a little wavy, winding road all the way out to the end of the peninsula and parked up at the edge of a cliff, I told Teresa that I would not be in the car whilst she reversed out. I would wait for her to back the car out to a safe distance and only then would I join her in the car.

Teresa said, “hey…what about our Thelma and Louise pact?” but I assured her that we had no pact. I made her park the car far from the edge of the designated car space as noted in the photo below:


And here are some shots of the gob smacking scenery that we saw on our drive.


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