Hear Ye, Hear Ye…

I have not posted for three days in a row, which goes against my blogging ethics. However, and I mean really… things are awfully slow around here.

On the garden front: The slugs have been out in full force and I finally took my friends’ advice and set up beer traps around the edges of my garden bed and to my disgust, they really work. Lucky for me, AP empties the cups of beer each night and I refill them with beer and as far as I can tell, my row of beets and one spring onion are thriving. That is all that’s survived thus far.

I watched a BBC gardening program and was delighted to hear the presenter tell us not to kill our dandelions as the bees love them and we need to encourage the bees to visit our gardens. No problemo. My garden is full of dandelions and clover and other flowery-weedy things that are basically left to thrive as they wish. I feel less guilty about not having a manicured lawn.

Farnham had a town carnival this past weekend… hence the photo of me with the Town Crier. AP wasn’t at all embarrassed when I stopped this gentleman on the street and asked for a photo.

We are decluttering now that the tall boy has moved in with us. It has put AP in a sour mood because he has to make hard decisions about whether or not to throw out old ticket stubs from a rock concert that he attended 25 years ago… or if he should keep photos of ducks that he took on the River Avon 15 years ago. Me? I love culling and streamlining. Each trip to the local tip makes me feel extremely virtuous.

And that is the news from Dragonlane.

God Save the Queen.

2 thoughts on “Newsiness

  1. What is it about those ticket stubs? I have piles of them from rock concerts, and sporting events. I think I keep them because I can’t actually remember being there. Goddamned old age.

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