How do you work?

What’s your creative process? Do you think about things for a long time and then meticulously measure and cut and assemble? Do you draw designs first and follow them to the letter?

Or do you like to look at piles of materials and let your mind race while you arrange and rearrange colors and shapes? Do you take risks with your materials and then if it gets all f*cked up you just chalk it up to the process?

Do you stamp your feet in frustration when things go amok or do you calmly accept the mistakes and allow yourself to learn from them?

I wonder if you know which category I fall under?  I’ll give you a hint… I never measure twice and cut once.  I don’t read directions and so very often my cookies and brownies come out of the oven as flat a a pancake or as big as a muffin.  I dive right in and throw caution to the wind.

I stamped my feet today and then took the dog for a long walk.




2 thoughts on “How do you work?

  1. Ah! A sense of the familiar! Yes, I do much the same more often than not. See, what I really *should* do is make notes as I go along…how many times I’ve been unable to repeat a success would fill a big tome! :0(

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