Casual Friday

Guests tonight. Cleaning today.

The animals are massively confused.

AP was helping me move furniture and mop but then he found an important piece of paper with an offer to have our brick house tested for termites and he’s gone upstairs to make this urgent call.  He may be some time.

3 thoughts on “Casual Friday

  1. Aunt Barb is coming today — the Queen of Clean. She is the daughter of Grandma, the High Priestess of Clean. So I have been mopping floors and dusting, too. My AP would have helped, but he has been embroiled in the keystone cop antics of the dysfunctional Wake County Board of Education. They desperately need a lecture by Robert Fulghum, author of Everything I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. After an 11-hour meeting that didn’t end until 2 am, one of Tim’s co-workers gave him a six pack of Angry Angel beer with a prescription on the side. Most important part of the prescription was Refill(s) as needed:)

  2. oh gawd. An 11 hour meeting with crazy board of ed people. The poor man. Good luck with the prep work for Aunt Barb. She might not feel very comfortable in my house. 🙂

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