Euro 2012

AP and I do not follow football — unless there’s a tournament.  And England is playing in the European football championship so we headed off to the neighborhood pub to get the full experience:  the large screen TV; the cheers and jeers of the local crowd; the smell of cigarette smoke wafting  through the patio doors; pints of lager and ale sitting on the bar.

So while I know very little about soccer…er…football, it’s nice to be in on it with everyone else and to share in the event with the neighborhood.  Go England!

One thought on “Euro 2012

  1. I have tried, and tried to get it. I even watched three entire World Cup games once. It is so boring to me. Run down the field, kick, kick, kick, and no score. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Now rugby, that’s a game. Big strong men, in a huddle pushing against each other… oh, I’m getting the vapors.

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