Rainy Days and Mondays

Oh you’ll never guess what. It’s been raining all day long — lashings of rain on the windows, floods on the roads, and a big puddle of water in our mud room.

We left the house today in hopes of keeping cabin fever at bay. We found a market that sold these giant strawberries:

Would you look at that? Almost the size of my palm.

And when Pickles saw that I was taking a photo, she stepped in because no photo is complete without her.

The strawberries are sweet and lovely — very good on their own. However, I will pinch a few and make strawberry shortcake to thank AP for being such a good sport today while I was complaining about rising damp and dark clouds.

PS- Just after I finished writing this dismal post, I went here and turned green with envy.  C’est la vie.  I fell in love with an English gentleman and one day I’m sure I will adjust to sideways rain and wearing my wool coat in the middle of June.

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