Casual Friday

After a full morning of work, Pickles, with her pleading eyes,  persuaded me to take her to the park for a long walk.

It’s very green and lush now.  Such a change from just a few months ago.

We watched this little thing tease some big dogs mercilessly. Pickles isn’t a squirrel hunter and so she was happy to roll around in some fresh grass cuttings while the squirrel chattered away.

This is a long holiday weekend here in the U.K., compliments of the Queen’s Jubilee celebration. The Union Jacks are flying everywhere and our local pub has a banner with the Queen’s picture hanging from their porch. No doubt there will be a few long, noisy evenings as the locals join in the celebrations. Time to pull out my tiara and find my earplugs.

One thought on “Casual Friday

  1. Your Pickles is the cutest little thing. My dog Chandler would have tried to climb the tree after that squirrel. This morning one had the audacity to walk across the street in front of us. Chandler almost tore my arm off.

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