Wednesday with Sun in my Garden

My days are full now. Since the student art show I’ve had to restock a few things and am now preparing for another gallery show in a month’s time and this is keeping me very busy indeed. It’s all good stuff and I’m grateful every day that I have the time and space to create.

And I planted my vegetable patch this morning —

Yes, that’s it. Just a few rows of beans, beets and spring onions. I endeavor to tend to it every day so that perhaps we can actually eat whatever grows this year. The last time I attempted this I only grew one beet and it was the size of a quarter. Nothing else really survived.

I also scattered a few wildflower seeds at the back with the hope that they will make it in that rocky soil and by the summer’s end I’ll have willowy blue and pink flowers at the back of my garden.

Pickles and I took a walk with Sam and Diana this afternoon and we admired the neighbor’s Lupins.

Oh that I could grow flowers like that.

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