Words with Friends – My Enemy

This man has found a new passion and it isn’t gardening. It’s an iphone/ipad game called Words Free — or Words with Friends. I’m actually not sure which is correct but for simplicity sake, I’ll refer to it as WWF. It’s a scrabble game of sorts and he’s got two new partners: my sister and our friend Tess. He has several games going at once with each of them and every time I walk into a room he’s holding the ipad with a furrowed brow and his fingers are moving little tiles across the screen in rapid motion. Sometimes I hear hearty laughter and sometimes a little “uh oh” is muttered. He hasn’t made eye contact with me since he discovered this online gem.

However, I am kept abreast of all developments: when AP has utilized both a triple letter and triple word score; when he is especially clever at making two words in one turn; when he’s learned a new and unusual word; when Tess beats the pants off him; when he beats her; when my sister has insomnia and is playing this game with him at 3:00 in the morning. Indeed, I’ve woken up myself at 3 AM and found him playing WWF in the middle of the night!

On Saturday I woke up to a grey sky but NO RAIN. I suggested that we tidy up the garden by pulling a few weeds and mowing the lawn. So we both skirted the edges of the garden, pulling all kinds of weeds and removing snails from our flowers and very soon AP tapped his watch and reminded me that he had to collect the tall boy for his weekend stay. So I finished weeding and then mowed the lawn myself. I tidied up the patio and put all equipment away in the storage shed.

When I came into the house AP looked up from his ipad — Oh dear. He forgot to collect his son and had just laid down a 63 point double word and double letter.

I pointed my secateurs at him and said, “You’re in big trouble, mister. I’m blogging about this one and it isn’t going to be pretty.”

He was warned.

8 thoughts on “Words with Friends – My Enemy

  1. Those computer games will eat your life away. Right now I’m addicted to Mahjong Titans. I’m hoping the carpal tunnel pain will force me to stop.

  2. Ha, ha…funny how easy it is to lose oneself in our obsessions. I understand fully, although WWF isn’t an obsession of mine, there are so many things on the internet, that lure me in. Glad the weather is looking up for you…our family, living in Cirencestor and Wilton, have been feeling quite despondant about the UK’s wet spring this year.

  3. I’m sure your readers appreciate that a certain degree of artistic license has been used here. (For example it was 87 points (a triple letter of the H and triple word score).


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