Casual Friday

I worked in the gallery today. Pickles came along as my assistant.

She was a big hit with everyone who walked by the open door. She even got off her chair and personally greeted every visitor. One guest told me that she dog sits for a cavalier who brings a pink overnight bag whenever she stays at her house. While this woman brushed her hand over her hair and said that the pink overnight bag was a bit MUCH, I was thinking, “OH!! A pink overnight bag. Must get one for her overnight stays with Diana.”

The weather report here continues to be awful. For those of you who have had the pleasure of sunshine and light, enjoy every moment. I am still wearing my winter coat. While on my afternoon walk I kicked at the ground with my boots and cursed the English spring.

I always remember what a lovely gentleman said to me in the post office one day: While discussing the cold, wet weather and lack of sun he said to me, “the sun’s still up there, my dear. It’s behind the clouds but remember that it’s still up there.”

It’s a nice way to think about it.

3 thoughts on “Casual Friday

  1. So what is “A bit much.”? The overnight bag or the fact that it’s pink?
    My dogs have their own suitcase for when we travel. Duh! Where else do I put the chewy strips, dog cookies, dog food, dog food bowls, extra poopy bags, extra leashes, and dog pajamas when we travel?

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