Casual Friday

I just got my renewed American passport in the mail today.

Good Lord. Every page of the passport book has patriotic or Americana prints and quotes and a giant eagle overlooks my lousy passport photo, along with a large American flag. This brings to mind a satirical webpage that I recently came across: “Americans for a more American America”.

I just looked at AP’s British passport and he’s just got lovely photos of little birds that are native to the British Isles. How civilized.

No rain today!

Pickles and I are off for a long walk and then to have tea with our fabulous friend and neighbor, Diana.

Happy Friday.

4 thoughts on “Casual Friday

  1. That’s very interesting. Mark and I just got our renewed passports in the mail two weeks ago and were similarly surprised by it’s over the top nationalism. Also the fact that it is now twice as thick as the old one. It’s kind of embarrassing.

    1. I know!!! Right? I almost wrote the same thing in my post…that I’m embarrassed to travel and hand that thing over to any border personnel. Why didn’t they just write on the front of it…”AMERICA! FUCK YEAH.”

  2. I think you’re being to harsh. The Declaration of Independence IS inspirational. Just because USA has veered onto rendition, torture, indefinite detention, drone warfare, unbridled capitalism and corporatism doesn’t negagate that (except for hypocrisy).

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