In which I become philosophical

I’ve been hanging out with Pickles in the shed. She likes it out there as long as the sun is shining and the door remains open so that she can keep her eye on the birds. Especially the pigeons.

I always keep a cup of tea at hand, and my Majority Report podcasts.

Spring term at the jewelry school has begun. A certain ring design that I worked on these past few weeks got a two thumbs up from my tutor and a few classmates. I was very pleased with myself. And then I accidentally melted it. Do you know that feeling of shock when something all goes horribly wrong and hours of work are gone? The only way to handle that situation is to stand up, take a big drink (of something), look out at the trees and the sky, and remember that everything is impermanent.

(I haven’t returned to the shed since I did that. Maybe tomorrow.)

2 thoughts on “In which I become philosophical

  1. Oh nooooooooooo!! I bet that you felt sick! I am glad that you are taking a Rudyard Kipling approach to this….triumph and disaster and all that ;o)

  2. Oh yes! Know that feeling all too well.
    I’m off to Cambridge today, back tomorrow. I think Friday morning is “free.”
    I do now have a cell phone Email on way.

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