Casual Friday

It’s been a quiet week but one thing that’s been pressing me (quite literally sometimes) is my cat, Pumpkin.   As you know, he’s an old man now and he lost his sister of 18 years in October.  There were no immediate changes in his behavior and he had a full check up at the Vet and was given an all -clear for his health.

And he’s always been a sweet old guy.  He likes to sit with me and he often crawls on my lap for a cuddle.  However, lately he’s been much more clingy than usual and last night he howled at me until I picked him up.  He found his way to the bedroom and there was no getting rid of him.  He draped himself across my neck and kneeded the side of my head.  When I threw him out of the bedroom he cried so mournfully that I let him back in again.

Every time I sit down at the computer he comes flying onto my lap and — here’s the proof:

I’m trying to decide if he needs another trip to the vet because he’s trying to tell me something (but what?!) or if I can just ignore this clingy behavior for awhile and see if it goes away. Maybe he’s just a crazy old man.

In other non-related news…it’s been sunny, stormy, windy, rainy (with hail), and cold. These weather patterns have taken place every day this week. I walk the dog as soon as the clouds clear because we just don’t know when we might be able to leave the house again and not get wet.

Today we walked to the local field, which is adjacent to the football field. I saw this young boy and his father practicing:

I asked if I could photograph him and put it on this blog and his father proudly told me that he wouldn’t mind as his son might be very famous in 10 years time. I just thought he was adorable. The boy, not the dad.

Then Pickles and I started our walk through the farmer’s field and I spotted these two:

They were wearing coordinated outfits which you can’t really see in this photo. But trust me. They were cute.

And then it started to rain.

Happy Friday everyone.

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