Good Friday – Not So Much

Have you ever been faced with a choice in which you are expected to do something (say… entertain an uninvited guest) but every fiber of your being screams out NO NO NO. I cannot. I cannot because I am tired. I cannot because I didn’t expect company at this time and I am prepared only for the movie that I rented and my flannel pajamas that I am wearing. No. I cannot socialize and I am sorry but I just know that if I have to make small talk or even large talk, I will slam my head against the wall?

So have you ever had to say NO and then have people feel offended?

Yep…me too.

3 thoughts on “Good Friday – Not So Much

  1. “Oh sorry, I can’t have any visitors. I’m wearing my flannel pajamas because I have a virulent strain of whooping cough.”
    Or just say go away, and offend them.

  2. And then feel so guilty that you are unable to completely enjoy the movie you rented. Yep, been there.

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