Good Friday – Not So Much

Have you ever been faced with a choice in which you are expected to do something (say… entertain an uninvited guest) but every fiber of your being screams out NO NO NO. I cannot. I cannot because I am tired. I cannot because I didn’t expect company at this time and I am prepared only for the movie that I rented and my flannel pajamas that I am wearing. No. I cannot socialize and I am sorry but I just know that if I have to make small talk or even large talk, I will slam my head against the wall?

So have you ever had to say NO and then have people feel offended?

Yep…me too.

3 thoughts on “Good Friday – Not So Much

  1. “Oh sorry, I can’t have any visitors. I’m wearing my flannel pajamas because I have a virulent strain of whooping cough.”
    Or just say go away, and offend them.

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