Working and Living

I worked in my shed all day yesterday and it felt really good. It was totally absorbing  and I felt transported while trying my best to shape and rework my silver pieces.  Pickles came out to visit and I opened the door and let her lay down on a pillow in the doorway where she could sit in the sunshine and watch the pigeon sisters lumber around the garden fence… and the little blue tits delicately flutter at the bird feeder.  She likes to snoopervise our garden.

2 thoughts on “Working and Living

  1. I wish I could work without being distracted. It’s a problem when the place you work also has card games and facebook on it also.

  2. Sigh, I lost my comment first time round. I was saying that I was glad that you got a full day’s work in but then had to smile when I read that Pickles had finally decided it was warm enough to join you out there. I remember her little face, watching you from back in the house through the coldest of the winter months 🙂

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