Republicans are waging a war on women…

Believe it.  Here’s a lovely piece of legislation that is percolating in Arizona.

State by state, republican legislators are working to roll back abortion and birth control legislation to make it harder for women to obtain these services.

Short and sweet today. I’m too exhausted to comment at length on this travesty. I can only file this one under, “Dear Lord Jesus, I hate republicans.”

2 thoughts on “Republicans are waging a war on women…

  1. I think that any man who wants Viagra must have a probe of his urethra all the way back to the bladder. Then they must prove they are not using it to get an erection so that they can masturbate, only for the purpose of reproduction with a woman they are married to who has never been divorced. They must also jump through a ring of fire, walk on burning coals, and get circumcised. Re-circumcised if need be. Or, they could just shut the f… up.

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