So Kiss Me and Smile for Me…

AP and I are going on holiday for awhile and I’ve been preparing for our trip over the past few days. It’s a quick west coast tour and then a visit to good old mom. I’ve been planning this since December.

On Sunday morning AP woke up with back pain which he described as a stabbing pain in his kidney.   My eyebrows raised. He is prone to kidney stones.

He asked for help in getting up from the chair and shuffled to the kitchen, hunched over.

“You’d better pass that thing by Wednesday!” I chimed, sympathetically.

“I can hardly walk” he said.

“We’ll just get a wheelchair at the airport…”  I said in my most perky and optimistic voice.

Upon reflection, I am slightly ashamed at how I barked out these statements with nary a flicker of concern for the level of pain that AP might be experiencing.  Dare I admit that I also began to mentally compile a list of friends who might be able to go with me in case AP was not fit to travel?

When he asked me to review the travel insurance policy, it began to dawn on me that there really might not be a trip and over the next two hours I went through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, acceptance, depression.  Going abroad without my favorite person  was just out of the question.

But I didn’t give up hope completely. Fluids were administered…the doctor consulted…medication was given and AP is ready to hit the road, albeit very carefully. It’s a good thing this is a driving holiday and not a hiking one.

So – we’ll be setting off tomorrow and I’ll be posting from the road. See you on the flip side 🙂

4 thoughts on “So Kiss Me and Smile for Me…

  1. Interesting to see this from your perspective, Rocky. Meanwhile, I’ve only gone through four stages: denial, denial, pain, and denial.

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