More Codswollop

As an Irish friend of mine used to say, “what the fook is going on?!”

For my non American readers, in case you don’t realize that the right wing in America has it out for women…here’s a little taste.

The American right wing radio host, Rush Limbaugh — over a period of three days – relentlessly called a woman a slut and suggested that she prostitute herself because she appeared before a House committee and testified for insurance coverage on birth control; The state of Virginia attempted to pass legislation mandating that any woman who requests a legal abortion to undergo a vaginal ultrasound. There is no reason on earth why this is necessary. It was clearly a tactic to intimidate women and, you know…show them who’s boss; and republican and presidential primary candidate, Rick Santorum, thinks that birth control is immoral. His supporters go on television and suggest that women use asprin as a method of birth control by “holding an aspirin between their legs.” Hilarious.

I mean… where to begin with this misogynistic tripe?

I could be wrong, but I really think the right wingers are picking the wrong fight when they attack women. We hold more than 50% of the vote and we use birth control and need healthcare… so if they REALLY want to go after that demographic then… bring it.

(Police in body armor arrest women in Virginia at a protest on Women’s Healthcare. Yes. This really happened.)

6 thoughts on “More Codswollop

    1. I think the republican party will disappear before the things your mom fought for do. Only old straight white men want to live in the 1950’s.

  1. Where to begin? Both my daughters take birth control medication because their menstrual cycles are seriously messed up. Health agencies are advising nuns that they should take birth control meds for at least a couple of years to prevent certain kinds of cancers. And there doesn’t seem to be the slightest bit of controversy about the health care bill covering Viagra. Interestingly, Rush was detained in 2006 when he returned from the Dominican Republic with a bottle of Viagra that was prescribed in his doctor’s name. Interesting vacation destination. Wonder if insurance pays for his Viagra?

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