How Does Your Garden Grow?

When I comtemplate gardening, I am reminded of the Woody Allen quote, “I am two with nature.”

I lived my entire adult life in an urban setting with concrete pavements, fire escapes and no garden. If I needed greenery I went to the park where the gardens were maintained by the city. Here in England, gardening seems to be in the native blood. My friends and neighbors know their flora and fauna. They know when to plant bulbs and perennials and which plants need sun or no sun…rocky soil or sand. Even as I write this I’m surprised I know this much gardening vocabulary.

Every year just as the crocuses and daffodils start blooming, and just as we start to have longer days and a little warmer weather, I start to contemplate cleaning up the garden and planting things. Last year I put my gardening gloves on and mowed the lawn and moved some patio pots around. Then I picked up our willow flower bed and found — worm eggs. Or salamander eyes. Or slug babies. I don’t know what they were but I put the flower bed down and removed my gloves and walked in the house. That was pretty much the end of the garden clean up. The rest of the summer I just mowed the lawn, clipped a few low hanging branches and planted a few flowers in our patio pots.

Today was a sunny, warm day where I worked in the shed with the door open. I looked out into the garden where there are weedy patio pots and bits of rubble strewn across the patio. “This year I’m going to clean up the garden!” I thought. And then I went into the house and rummaged through our phone book for the phone number of the local landscaping company.

Oh and Debbie…if you’re reading this.  Yes, those are your patio pots on your deck.  I couldn’t even use a photo of my own garden!

One thought on “How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. I thought that they looked familiar ;o) Gorgeous weather this weekend….which prompted me to be typically British and “clear up the garden”….better than a work out at the gym any day of the week :o)

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