Love Means

…Always having to say you’re sorry.

Dear AP,

I’m sorry I acted like a brat last week when we went to the cinema. As you know, I didn’t really want to see that film but OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF MY HEART, I went along because I knew you really wanted to see it. I didn’t mean to look at my iphone during the movie and I was not totally aware that I was sighing and shifting in my seat…that much. I am sorry.  And happy Valentine’s Day.  OOOXXX.

3 thoughts on “Love Means

  1. You are too embarrassed to say aren’t you, Mrs AP? The movie, everyone listen to this, was BAFTA bashing, funny and novel, french (she claims she like french films) “THE ARTIST” – how can anyone not enjoy that?! Hmm? 😉

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