The Catholic bishops in the U.S. do not want women to have access to birth control and have been kicking up a tremendous stink over a requirement that insurance companies offer women free contraception. I can only reiterate what I’ve read elsewhere and that is that I CANNOT BELIEVE that we’re even having this discussion. It is absurd.

Will any major public figure have the moxie to point out that the bishops need to remove the plank from their eye with respect to moralizing about women’s sexuality? The Catholic church has been guilty of appalling human abuses, including molesting children and protecting the priests who did the molesting.

In other news: Pickles accidentally ran into a patio door this weekend thinking that it was open. She wasn’t hurt and, I daresay, didn’t even seem embarrassed over her miscalculation. We were horrified, however, and gave her many hugs and treats for the rest of the weekend. She is fine and resting comfortably with her friend, Pumpkin.

One thought on “Really?

  1. I went to a Catholic school for seven years as a child, and I don’t remember one word in our catechism about birth control. When exactly did Jesus say no birth control.

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