Casual Friday

…and if you do not feel like pulling out paper, pens, inks, or paint – you can make art using your iPad or iPhone with the SketchBook app, which is free!

Not long ago I read about a NYC man who makes a daily sketch on his iphone and downloads them onto his computer as an art journal of sorts. I love that idea. And this blogger, shares her sketchbook with us via her blog, Woolgathering. I’ve followed her for a few years and love her simple, daily drawings.

January days are sliding along.  It seems that there is one sunny day, followed by three cloudy ones, with a smattering of drizzle thrown in just to mix it up a little.

I finished some pieces this morning having worked almost every day in the shed, filing and soldering…taking things apart and putting them back together.

And I’ve mended fences with our neighbors.  Literally.  After the huge wind of a few weeks ago, our fence blew down and we were sharing our garden with our neighbors.  It was never a problem as they are very kind and easy-going people.  Even so, the fence had to go back up and boundaries restored.

Happy Friday.

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